Should Your Wedding Guests Be Allowed To Make Music Requests?

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As 2013 approaches and as we continue to meet with more brides then ever before one question that’s consistent is “do you allow guests to make requets?”

As a professional Wedding DJ in the Montana area for the past 5 years I’ve learned a lot, and I can tell you that it does make the party more interactive when your guests feel comfortable enough to approach the DJ and request a song. Generally, and especially during the dancing part of the night, I get a lot of people who come up and ask for a certain song, or a nostalgic dance song that they know will get the Bride and all of her friends out to the dance floor with no problem. In this case, it makes my job easier, as I don’t have to work as hard to figure out what people want to dance to. It also gives people a sense of accomplishment as they get excited to see the dance floor get packed on the song they chose.

However, there are also guests who approach and ask for terrible or inappropriate songs, or some cheesy old song that people don’t want to dance to anymore. I’ve actually had over 100 people on a dance floor in a great set of top-40 and hip hop mix and someone ran up and said “hey will you play a slow country song?” I am immediately reminded why this person isn’t a DJ. Slow country was being played earlier in the night, but it doesn’t fit with the energy of the moment so guess what? It’s not getting played! So, I simply tell the guest that I’ll try to fit it in later on and I bury myself back into what I was doing before. In general I won’t play anything that my instincts tell me will kill a party, and the only exception is if the Bride or Groom come to me personally and tell me to play the said song.

I am however always courteous to guests who request music, and most of the time, they do make good requests. If someone continues to bother me about playing a song that I know will not work I might discuss it briefly with them and go from there. If a guest becomes belligerent or rude I will remind them it isn’t their wedding day, and I’m playing music the Bride and Groom want to hear. I will then ask them to please go dance or find something else to do. Our company has DJ’d over 1,000 weddings in the last 5 years so you get to see all types of personalities and attitudes. Unfortunately, when people drink, sometimes they become demanding and arrogant with the DJ. I am not one to let people run over me or allow guests of a wedding to dictate the flow of the music at YOUR wedding. To me it’s about finding a balance of music the bride and groom like, using my vast experience for packing dance floors, and allowing guests to interact in the flow and style of the music that keeps them moving on the floor. If the song fits I’ll play it. If the song doesn’t fit it will either have to wait until the mood of the night changes, or in some cases it might not get played at all.

Some Brides and Grooms offer their guests a chance to request music ahead of time, via request cards on the RSVP or through a custom built wedding website. This works great, and again, it allows guests to feel like a part of the show/wedding. I always then encourage the bride and groom to make sure all the songs are appropriate for their big day.

So, to sum things up allow your guests to make requests, whether prior to the wedding, and/or at the wedding, and allow your DJ to control the flood gates and to make the final decision on what does or doesn’t get played. 90% of the time we at RMF Entertainment will make sure your guest’s requests get played. For you brides reading this we will play your requests 100% of the time 🙂

Hope everyone has a great wedding this upcoming 2013. We’ll be posting more blogs soon!

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  • Top Wedding DJ NJ

    We normally like to have a playlist before the event, but you need to be flexible. Requests should come through the people paying for the event or the guest of honor in my opinion. Thanks! http://topweddingdjnj.com

  • Royal Entertainment

    I agree with the prior comment. We offer an awesome online portal called DJEP (DJ Event Planner) which gives a login to all our clients after they book their event. It really is a great tool for song selection and includes a huge data base of so many songs. I use it for both http://royalentertainmentdjs.com and http://jerseysweet16djs.com. Thanks for this great blog!

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    • Jordan Waldo

      Absolutely! That is no problem at all. Take care!

  • James E.Sarabia

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