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This is a very busy time of year for RMF Entertainment. We just got done providing wedding entertainment at 4 weddings on June 19th. Every wedding went smoothly and the brides and grooms seemed very pleased with us. We had a blast and I know they did too as well as their guests. We are now preparing for 6 events this week. We feel lucky and blessed to be a part of so many people’s important days! This is our 3rd full year in business and for many of us about our 8th year DJ’n. We have come to learn a lot of things as well as see things that should and shouldn’t be done. We would like to share some things with our readers and visitors to our website. Remember these are just opinions, but also keep in mind they are opinions based on over 600 weddings done…a pretty good number to start forming ideas of why some weddings really work and why some end up in shambles.

Remember the following if possible:

1. Make sure you have your bar/alcohol set up in the SAME area or room as your DJ/Entertainment. This is so important I can’t stress it enough. We’ve seriously packed up and moved at a few recent weddings just to make sure we’re in the same area. We don’t say this because we are drunks and want to drink all your booze…lol. It’s because when we are in the same area as your alcohol it makes for a WAY better party in most cases. People congregate around the booze and when they can fill their cup up and walk only 5 steps back to the dance floor they love it! Plus they are drinking around the area of the music so they can request songs easier and they will dance more!

2. Try to take MOST of your pictures BEFORE your ceremony. This is so important brides! I know you don’t want your man seeing you before the “I dos” but that doesn’t mean you can’t take all the pics with the wedding party, family members, and friends if you’re doing that. Try to get as many pics as possible in before the wedding. We have seen so many wedding receptions start off with a HUGE THUD because people don’t want to sit around 2 hours before the party gets going. You have to remember that not only is this your day, but you are also wanting your guests to stay entertained. If they have to sit around 2 hours before the dinner even starts you will lose at least 25% of your guests. Us DJs are miracle workers at times(lol), but no matter how good we are people will leave if they have to sit around too long before dinner.

3. DO make sure you NEVER GO CHEAP on your entertainment. I can’t stress this enough. All you people out there that think you can do the music yourself are in for a DISASTER of a night. Please hire professional entertainment if you are wanting a smooth, fun, and unforgettable night. Don’t be one of those people that calls me after your wedding saying “you were right Ryan.” We just had this happen on May 15th of this year. We will be posting a pretty horrifying video of this poor bride’s wedding…Everything from kids messing with the Ipod to Microphones not working happened to her. It truly is a great testament to why you should hire professional entertainment for you and your guests. You can also watch this video provided by the ADJA:

4. Make your DO NOT PLAY LIST with your guests in mind. This can get crazy. We used to be pretty big advocates of the “Do Not Play” list at weddings only because there are certain songs that can invoke bad feelings and memories to the bride and groom. These songs are great to put on a “Do Not Play” list but not songs that you just plain DON’T LIKE. You have to remember that just because you don’t want to hear the “Chicken Dance” or “YMCA” doesn’t mean 50 of your guests don’t want to hear it. Some of your guests have traveled many miles to get to your wedding and even though it’s your special day you still have to cater to your guests. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had the Cha Cha Slide, YMCA, and Cotton Eye Joe on a “Do Not Play” list but then it’s requested over 20 times by your friends and family at the wedding.

5. This next one can be a little touchy at times with some people, but like I said this is strictly our observations. If you can afford it, an open bar is the way to go! I know this sounds expensive, but think of it in a cheap way. When I got married me and my wife got a total of 8 gallons of booze for under $350. You buy the cheapest bottles of Vodka, Rum, and Whiskey you can find. If you buy it in bulk it is affordable. You can also get kegs for under 80 dollars if you look in the right places. Reason we bring this up…we here a lot of people a lot of times complain about having to pay for alcohol at a wedding. Consider where they’re coming from: Some spend 100s of dollars traveling to your destination. They are spending money on the hotel rooms, gas, dollar dances, gift registry, and more. It’s very nice for them to be able to have a few drinks on the house. All you have to do is cut costs such as having chair covers, fancy table clothes, ice sculptures, and last but not least the wedding favors that the brides and grooms have for their guests. Some people spend a ridiculous amount of money on these gifts and some people don’t even take them.

6. Last but not least if you are having your wedding outside please have a good, reliable back up plan. You definitely can’t trust the weather in good ole Montana. Even if it’s been clear and nice all week I would prepare for the worst on your big day just in case it happens. You will love yourself if you do!

Thanks and we will be posting again soon. We are aiming to grow even more as a company and want everyone to have the best wedding day they can possibly have. If you have questions please email us or call us at 406-531-2321!

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  • Adrianne

    Thanks for all the great advice! I’ll take anything I can get, especially when it comes from such an experienced source 🙂 Thanks again!

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