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I want to cover a few issues that we have encountered over the last 5 years of running a professional entertainment company. When I say Professional I mean just that. We put countless hours in every week making sure that every wedding is as close to as perfect as possible. This is our job and not many DJs can say that. How many disc jockeys do you personally know? And how many of you reading this have ever hired a DJ before? I would be willing to bet that only 2 out of 10 reading this have ever had to actually hire a DJ.

Not all DJs are the same and it’s by far a lot more work then pressing buttons. Sure, DJing has changed in the last 15 years. Turntables at weddings are not near as popular and CD’s are used a lot less now with the addition of the MP3s. MP3s have made it so much easier for DJs to haul around larger music libraries. Even DJs that only use MP3s and laptops with CD mixers have one job to do that still requires a lot of practice and talent…a talent that can’t be taken care of by an Ipod or playlist: That talent is playing the right song at the right time when the right group of people is on the dance floor. Everyone we hire to work for us thinks they can learn so fast and most end up quitting on us because they realize that there is a lot more to a DJ then just playing music.

This leads me to the reason I’m writing this blog. We don’t have corny gimmicks, we don’t just push play, and we certainly should be on the top of your priority list to hire. When I say “we” I’m referring to “real DJ companies.” I’m not even saying you have to hire RMF Entertainment. I’m confident enough in our reputation and ability to deliver outstanding service that I can let people make an educated decision for themselves without me having to “beg” you or “talk you into hiring us”. BUT…even if you don’t hire us please hire a company that dedicates themselves to ONLY doing weddings and events all year round.

What I mean by this: We run a full service disc jockey company all year round as OUR ONLY JOB! We are in our office everyday making sure everyone’s event is taken care of. We’re available for meetings, we’re ready to take your phone calls, answer emails, purchase music, and other business related en devours. Some people don’t like hearing these things but they are facts. We’ve had over 8 people call us this year(2010) to DJ their wedding last minute because the DJ they had hired canceled on them. 5 of those poor brides already paid a deposit and couldn’t get it back, and the real sad thing is we were only able to actually DJ for 1 of these brides because our company was already fully booked on the days they were calling about. I have heard from other companies in the area that they have been hearing from brides that were in the same boat: Their DJ canceled on them last minute!

Why would these DJs do this and why is this trend becoming more and more prevalent?
Well it’s easy…these DJs had to go on vacations to Hawaii, they had family vacations, family reunions pop up, their girlfriend wanted to go to Silverwood, their equipment broke down, and more. You name it…all these are real excuses that some of these brides had to hear out loud!

The reason these DJs don’t mind doing this to people isBECAUSE THEY ALL HAVE FULL TIME JOBS!

I’m telling you brides out there…BE VERY WARY of hiring a part time DJ for this reason ONLY! These guys don’t care if they upset you because they know they have their 9 to 5 to go back to on Monday and they’re still gonna get a paycheck the next week. Their lives will go on just fine…what about yours?? Your life meanwhile is in shambles because your DJ left you in the dust and now your reception is going to be a disaster.

We at RMF Entertainment don’t have other jobs. I along with Neal work everyday to make sure every wedding is perfect. This is our ONLY JOB, and we understand that word of mouth is the biggest form of advertising that we can get to help our business. One bad word travels faster then 10 good ones. We want to assure that your event is perfect because that is how we make our money. We don’t have another job to fall back on. This is it, and you will find that DJ companies will take your wedding a lot more serious on average then somebody that just “DJs” on the side for extra money.

I hope you take this advice seriously and really consider spending that little extra dollar to get a reliable DJ. You guys are willing to spend thousands on venues, cakes, decorations, gift baskets, videographers, and more. Then you turn around and only want to spend $400 or less on DJs. That just doesn’t make sense. Entertainment makes or breaks your big day. Don’t be one of those poor couples that has to experience this the hard way.

Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from all of you in the future. This is just honesty here and I hope everyone reading this takes the information seriously. I can guarantee you will be satisfied with RMF Entertainment. Please call us today and schedule a free consultation. 406-531-2321.

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  • Samantha

    I agree with this so much. I hired a kid that worked at the mall and he talked himself up so much that i gave him a chance. I paid $200 for a deposit and he called 5 days before the wedding and said his dad needed help in Salt Lake City and couldn’t make it. I didn’t get my money back either. So glad my sister hired you guys.

  • Troy

    This is a fantastic entry about what DJ’s can do for a wedding event.

    I admire that RMF Entertainment is your full time job. I (unfortunately or not) am one of those DJ’s with a full time job. Gotta defend myself… Not all “on the side” DJs are terrible.

    I “DJ on the side” because I love doing it. Much more, actually, than my day job.

    Thanks again, I really do like this blog.

  • Kerri

    I loved you guys at my wedding…remember I was the one you talked out of having a band. Thanks again! We still talk about your guy slipping during the cupid shuffle!

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