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RMF Entertainment DJ Services was started in 2007 upon realizing the lack of affordable and reliable DJ services here in the state of Montana. Founders, Ryan and Neal, took it upon themselves to remedy this situation, taking on the responsibility of establishing Montana’s largest and most trusted DJ Entertainment company.

Dax Photography-9612We have spent hours perfecting our craft as disc jockeys and after DJing more than 2,500 weddings and its safe to say we have experienced every situation you can imagine at an event. Weddings are our specialty and we work around the clock to make sure every couple that hires us is 100% satisfied. With a 5 star rating and over 600 reviews on Wedding Wire, RMF has grown to become the most successful and relied upon company in Montana for DJ Entertainment at weddings and school functions.

We execute about 250 weddings and over 300 total events a year and have the capacity to DJ up to 11 weddings on a single day. Our team is made up 11 highly trained, responsible and reliable DJs and we place an emphasis on consistency and providing the best DJ and Entertainment services to each and every client we work with.

If you are interested in having RMF Entertainment be a part of your wedding or event, please come by our office or call us at (406) 531-2321 with any questions.
We can’t wait to work with you in the future!


Why Hire Us?


Here at RMF Entertainment, we take our jobs very seriously and recognize that the events we are hired to provide services for are often the biggest days of our clients lives. This business is our livelihood, not a hobby, and we’ve built a state-wide reputation of expertise by dedicating our summers to providing professional, reliable and outstanding service to all of our couples and clients.


Every wedding or event we do is unique, allowing our clients to truly customize their event and make it their day. From announcements throughout the evening to formalities and music selection, we take the clients’ personalities, requests and expectations into account when preparing for their event.  We perform detailed meetings, maintain consistent email communication leading up to the wedding, incorporate one of a kind website tools and include a wedding planning form on our website that make planning and personalization effortless.  To discuss your plans in person, we invite you to come to our office for a free consultation. Call or email RMF to schedule your consultation.


Organization of your personalized details is one of the most important aspects of a DJ’s preparation. We work as full-time DJs, with office hours during the weekdays, which allows us to invest the necessary time to make sure every aspect of your event is well organized to your exact specifications and to our high standards.  We have also created a unique wedding planning form that outlines your entire day, from the start of the ceremony to the end of the reception.  This serves as a timeline for your wedding day and ensures we’re on the same page with every song and detail that you have planned for your wedding day.


Our business image is on the line every time we set up. Our DJs wear formal attire (unless our client prefers otherwise) and our gear is of professional grade that does not intrude on your beautiful decorating.

Music Flexibility

With titles from every era and genre, our library is as diverse as the crowds at the hundreds of events we do every year. Our DJs have the experience to know which songs evoke a positive crowd response and, more importantly, we will adhere to your “play” lists, “do not play” lists and any music you would like to include from your personal collection. We have the largest music selection in the Northwest with a vast variety of songs in our library. There isn’t another company in this area who can offer that as we are one of a few companies that PAYS for our music and we adhere to all the RIAA industry standards.

Music Medium

We use MP3s and .wav files on Sony Laptops and MacBook Pros with high definition sound cards. Our music comes from Amazon, iTunes, Prime Cuts(TM Studios), and every now and then from our vast CD collections.  We uphold a high level of business integrity and adhere to the regulations set by the RIAA and FCC and never download for free.  If there’s a song that you want and you can’t find it in our music library then we will purchase it off one of the aforementioned sites.


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